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Research-Based Math Instruction for Special Education and Intervention

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Amy C.

"Angela's math resources are perfect for my multi-level special education class. They provide straight-forward simple directions and visually UNcluttered pages. Our regular education math curriculum is confusing and visually overstimulating. My students have made great progress using your math units! Thank you!!! I wish there were a higher rating."

Melissa H.

"I am using several of these units with a couple of students who experienced prenatal alcohol and drug exposure . . . I have seen the students I purchased this for go from being completely overwhelmed and shut down in math to being excited to show me their progress each day. I cannot recommend these highly enough!"

Kimberly D.

"My 4th and 5th grader students with learning disabilities are finally feeling successful in math! Your math interventions have been a lifesaver for my students, their gen ed teachers, and me! No more spending hours trying to find work that meets their needs and aligns to what is happening in the classroom."