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K-5 Math for Special Education & Intervention

The price of this bundle is 25% off the cost of buying each resource separately.

Step-by-Step Math to Mastery™ makes clear and sequential math instruction easy.

Lessons in this bundle take students seamlessly from kindergarten through fifth grade math standards. "Open and teach" lesson workbooks are easy to use for teachers, paraeducators, and parents.


This K-5 Math Bundle Includes 32 Resources:

You will receive a link to download a zipped folder containing 32 PDF files. 

(File size 1.3 GB)

6 Years of Step-by-Step Math Instruction
5,300+ pages
916 Lessons
149 Reviews
70 Tests
500+ Place Value & Number Sense Practice Pages
Fluency Timings & Flashcards


K-5 Math Bundle Preview


Preview each resource:

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Numbers 0 to 20 Count, Read, & Write Numbers

Shapes: Flat and Solid  Practice Sheets

1st Grade:

Numbers 1 to 120 Place Value & Number Sense Daily Practice

Addition and Subtraction: Numbers to 10

Addition and Subtraction: Word Problems

Addition and Subtraction: Three Addends and Teen Numbers

Addition and Subtraction: Fact Families, Missing Addends, Making Ten

Addition & Subtraction Timings, Flashcards & Games

2nd Grade:

Numbers 120 to 999 Place Value & Number Sense Daily Practice

Hundreds:  Expanded Form, Comparing, & Rounding Off

Addition with Regrouping

Subtraction with Regrouping

Fractions: Basic Concepts

Telling Time to the Nearest 5 Minutes

Counting Money: Coins and Dollar Bills

3rd Grade:

★ Thousands:  Expanded Form, Comparing, & Rounding Off

★ Multiplication:  Concepts and Factors to 10

★ Division:  Concepts and Divisors to 10

★ Multiply & Divide:  Word Problems, Missing Factors, Fact Families

★ Fractions:  Representing Fractions on a Number Line

★ Multiplication & Division Timings, Flashcards & Games

4th Grade:

★ Multiplication:  One-Digit by Multi-Digit Factors

★ Multiplication:  Multi-Digit Factors and Distributive Property

★ Division:  Long Division with One-Digit Divisors

★ Fractions:  Add and Subtract Like Denominators

★ Fractions:  Multiply Fractions and Convert to Mixed Numbers

5th Grade:

★ Division:  Long Division with Two-Digit Divisors

★ Fractions:  Add and Subtract Unlike Denominators

★ Fractions:  Divide and Simplify Fractions

★ Decimals:  Read, Write, Compare and Round

★ Decimals:  Add and Subtract, Multiply and Divide

★ Decimals:  Convert Between Percent, Decimals, and Fractions


Special Education Student

Teacher Feedback:

❤️ “This is a lifesaver in my classroom! I have multiple levels and this allows for the educational assistants to easily run small groups. This is amazing!" -Jennifer E.


❤️ “As a new teacher this has helped me so much in my special education class. I have used this as intervention for my class and seen huge strides in my students." -Gail R.


❤️ “I have used this with students who struggle with math. I have had one student who increased 2 grade levels in a few weeks while using one of the interventions in this bundle. My students are special education students." -Angela T.


❤️ “I was so scared to buy this because of the price but after 2 months it has easily saved me that much in time spent after my contracted hours putting things together. I can just hand it to my paras and they can teach the students without me micromanaging." -Whitney H.


❤️ “I love this math curriculum. It is so easy to implement. Every skill is broken down." -Rocio S.


❤️ “This bundle has been an invaluable resource in my contained special education classroom. The learning is so scaffolded and really breaks down tough math concepts into manageable steps for my learners." -Kirsten M.


❤️ “I am a first year Resource teacher and this product has saved my life! I have seen so much growth in my student's math skills. With this product, I am able to teach the students what they would be learning in their gen ed math class, except this makes it much easier for them to understand! I like how there are lots of practice pages to reinforce skills. I assign some of those independent practice pages as "homework" or I use it as a warm up the following day before starting our next lesson. The bundle is great because I work with so many grade levels and groups." -Jessica R.


❤️ “This resource provides ample opportunity for scaffolded practice and review. It has helped so many of my students become and remain proficient in areas that they previously struggled in. Thank you!" -Paula F.


❤️ “I have used a number of the resources from this bundle and have found all of them to be well made. I am able to choose which lessons to use for each student based on their needs. I love how the lessons include a model section, guided and independent. This allows the student to build up confidence and then work on their own. This is the first resource I have found that is truly successful with all of my students in my 12:1:1 class of 2-5th graders. Thank you." -Kathleen F.


❤️ “These worksheets definitely break down skills and I LOVE the visual balance and organization of the work. My Deaf students (who can be very language deprived) really benefit from the clarity of the instruction!" -Danielle R T.


❤️ “This is my favorite resource I've ever purchased from TPT! The program I was using provided by the district took a long time to prep and didn't exactly fit my students' needs. With teaching grades K-5th special education and having all kinds of ability levels, this has been a lifesaver! I love that the I do, we do, you do is built in and it is very easy for all of my students to understand. It was a hard decision to spend that much on a TPT resource, but it's well worth it!" -Carla C.


❤️ “I have been looking for a resources like this for years and I am so happy to have it. I teach 1-3 self contained and this is a perfect, straight forward, organized resource to cover all my levels." -Casey J.


❤️ “This is such a well thought out math program. The pages are appropriate for all ages/grades. Each skill offers scaffolded practice with and without prompts. The pages are designed not to be visually overwhelming to students and encourages focus on progress toward mastery (not only mastery). Thank you for a fantastic resource!" -Angela A.


❤️ “I have been looking for a Common Core Math resource to support my Special needs students for quite some time. Other resources I have used have not provided the depth of support for each skill as this one does. I started using this resource a few months back with student in person. I immediately saw growth! I cannot wait to have a complete year in person next year to assist my students in filling the gaps they need to continue to grow toward grade level standards!" -Shannon B.


❤️ “This resource is so thorough and is a life-saver as a special ed teacher! The workbook pages are easy to follow and my kids feels so successful following their progression." -Teaching All Abilities


❤️ “My students have been extremely successful at every math skill when provided with these lessons. I now have a systematic curriculum at my disposal that will proactively address any misconceptions / common errors that my students with math disabilities may encounter. I can also pull particular lessons for my students who don't have math disabilities when they are making the same errors repeatedly." -Alicia F.


❤️ “This is an awesome resource especially for students in special education who need the repetition and review! My students also feel confidence knowing they can complete the worksheets on their own after practicing together! great resource and worth the money!" -Courtney P.


❤️ “I wish that there was an A+ option for how amazing this resource is! This honestly is one of the best purchases I have ever made on TPT. My intervention students have blossomed with using this resource. It is extremely thorough and guides the students through scaffolded steps to achieve competency. Couldn't ask for a better resource!" -Lindsey D.


❤️ “This product is amazing in so many ways. It is so great for students who struggle with math as it provides learning strategies, ample practice opportunities, and assessments. Well done!" -Matthew M.


❤️ “I have been using these products to keep data on students individual IEP goals. It is clear and concise so that the kids are able to learn these valuable concepts. I have students ask if they can work in their workbook on a daily basis. I print them and use a comb binder to keep them together." -Erica C.


❤️ “This is so easy to use for all my different IEP goals." -Alison M.


❤️ Well worth the money!!! Will be using this for years to come :). Thank you! -Kristie R.


❤️ “LOVE!!! My students are finally getting it with this step by step intervention!! I can't thank you enough!" -Caroline R.


❤️ “I can't say enough about this resource. Best I've ever bought from TPT. I have four grades in my classroom, at the same time. This makes math time stress free, while everyone works on what they need to target. Thank you!" -Everyday I'm Teaching It


Have Questions?

I recognize this is a large purchase. If you have any questions before buying, please contact me by emailing angela@mathtomastery.com

Watch a video overview of Step-by-Step Math to Mastery or read the transcript here.

You can also download a free placement test.



Step-by-Step Math to Mastery™ resources:

Make math easier to understand.

  • Help students over math hurdles with clear, sequential, scaffolded lessons.
  • Prevent overwhelm. Build student confidence.

Make math easier to teach.

  • Save hours of planning and piecing together materials.
  • Paraeducators can deliver quality instruction independently. Open & teach.



Reasons You'll Love Step-by-Step Math to Mastery™ Resources

  • Boosts student confidence and progress
  • Lightens teacher workload
  • Time-saving: print and teach
  • Easy prep: only black ink is needed
  • Easy to teach, paraeducator-friendly
  • Example IEP goals and shorter term objectives
  • Consistent & predictable format
  • Lots of practice repetitions
  • Scaffolded with structured workspaces
  • Fewer problems on a page, white space, minimal visual clutter
  • Tied to standards
  • Explicit/Direct instruction
  • Systematic & sequential
  • Mastery approach--teaching one topic at a time, one strategy at a time
  • Lessons have "I Can" statements, model problems, guided practice, & independent practice
  • Each workbook can be used individually as a stand-alone intervention for that skill or they can be used together, taking students from the basics of number sense and addition in first grade all the way to dividing fractions and decimals in fifth grade.
  • Can also be used with older students (middle & high school) to help fill the gaps in their learning.


About the Author

Hi! I am a Special Education & Title 1 teacher interested in task analysis. My resources break tasks into small and explicit steps, reducing cognitive load for learners so they can feel successful and confident rather than overwhelmed and reluctant to try. I also strive to lighten the workload of teachers by making resources as practical and easy-to-use as possible. I sincerely hope my work can benefit you and your students.

I appreciate your support and feedback!



Terms of Use

Copyright © Angela Dansie, All rights reserved. This product is to be used by the original purchaser for single class use only. You may not put this product on the internet where it could be publicly found and downloaded. Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or school system is prohibited. If you want to share this resource with colleagues, please purchase additional licenses. Failure to comply is a copyright infringement and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Clipart and elements found in this PDF are copyrighted and cannot be extracted and used outside of this file without permission or license. Intended for classroom and personal use only.

Thank you for respecting these terms of use.

What Makes These Resources Special?

Designed For Students Who Need a Math Curriculum That:

✔ Targets ONE skill at a time

✔ Provides enough practice to master that skill (instead of "spiraling" back to it later)

✔ Breaks tasks down into small reliable steps

✔ Prevents overwhelm with fewer problems on a page, more white space, and no visual clutter

✔ Has short lessons with a predictable format

✔ Accommodates for special needs with larger print, simple language, and clear step-by-step instruction

✔ Introduces new material at a slower pace

✔ Is appropriate for any age


Created For Teachers Who Want Resources To:

✔ Be carefully sequenced, taking students smoothly from point A to point B without gaps

✔ Be research-based with model, guided practice, and independent practice problems

✔ Present each lesson objective as a simple "I Can . . . " statement

✔ Teach foundational skills and concepts tied directly to standards

✔ Include example IEP goals and objectives

Be easy for paraeducators and parents to use

✔ Save planning and prep time (simply print and teach)

✔ Not have parts and pieces to manage (everything in one lesson workbook)

Who Can Benefit From These Math Lessons?

These math resources have been used in special education and intervention settings at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. They've been used by homeschooling families, math tutors, and Title 1 and ELL teachers.

These step-by-step lessons could benefit all students, especially students who have:

• Attention difficulties—minimal visual clutter, short lessons, simple instructions, clear stopping point

• Learning disabilities—objectives are carefully sequenced in small chunks with explicit step-by-step instruction and many practice repetitions

• Slower processing speed—accuracy is emphasized rather than speed; mastering a skill will increase automaticity

• Language difficulties—Receptive Language: Teacher directions and vocabulary are simple, consistent, and concise. Expressive Language: Rather than asking students with limited verbal skills to ‘explain their thinking’, teach them how to state the steps they are following.

• Executive functioning difficulties—clear expectations and predictable routine, organized and straightforward layout

• Fine motor issues—larger font and space for writing answers; students are not asked to write many words or sentences.

What is a "Lesson Workbook"?

✎ Each lesson is presented in model, guided practice, independent practice format.

There are no separate lesson plans or teacher manuals, everything is included in a simple workbook. Written step-by-step instructions help the teacher be clear and consistent during modeling and guided practice. The written steps can be used to help you “think out loud” while you demonstrate. Independent practice problems give students a chance to master each “chunk” before moving on to the next lesson.

✎ Step-by-step task analysis is included next to each model.

Teachers may give a student’s workbook to a paraeducator or parent without needing to explain how to teach each skill. All they need to do is follow the step-by-step models and gradually fade prompts during guided practice. Once teachers are familiar with the format, they can make adjustments to fit the pacing and number of practice repetitions each student needs.

✎ Easy to use. Print and teach.

Save hundreds of hours of planning and preparation time. I suggest printing the cover on card stock and the remaining workbook pages double-sided. Bind the workbook together using what you have (staple, spiral binding, three-hole-punched in a binder, or with binder rings). The method I used was a double-hole-punch at the top, fastening booklets together with two 1” binder rings. I chose this method because I didn’t want anything on the sides of the pages to interfere with handwriting. After outlining what I planned to teach during the coming month, I would spend a couple hours of my prep time printing and assembling workbooks. After that, math time was nearly prep-free until we came to the end of the workbook and began the process again.

Student Progress

"Angela's math resources are perfect for my multi-level special education class. They provide straight-forward simple directions and visually UNcluttered pages. Our regular education math curriculum is confusing and visually overstimulating. My students have made great progress using your math units! Thank you!!! I wish there were a higher rating." --Amy C.

"I am using several of these units with a couple of students who experienced prenatal alcohol and drug exposure . . . I have seen the students I purchased this for go from being completely overwhelmed and shut down in math to being excited to show me their progress each day. I cannot recommend these highly enough!" --Melissa H.

"My 4th and 5th grader students with learning disabilities are finally feeling successful in math! Your math interventions have been a lifesaver for my students, their gen ed teachers, and me! No more spending hours trying to find work that meets their needs and aligns to what is happening in the classroom."--Kimberly D.

"I love the approach and routine to your math units and the multiplication was no exception! Students with Intellectual Disability were multiplying with pride and parents were very tickled! Great evidenced-based structure." --Melissa G.

"Simple steps and explanations helped my ELL students tremendously. Thank you." --L. G.

"I used this resource to teach a child from Somalia how to regroup with subtraction. The explicit instruction was instrumental in helping the child conceptualize regrouping. I also appreciate the numerous sheets available for additional practice. Thank you!" --Baudelina A.

"This has been AMAZING for my learning support 2nd graders!!! They're finally feeling success!!" --Laurie M.

"This is amazing. I'm using it with a 6th grade tutoring student who has autism. He is making great progress already!" --Kimberly F.

"We have struggled a lot getting my 4th grader with autism to understand multiplication. With this bundle it's been a breeze. The large font and small amounts of problems on each page have prevented him from being overwhelmed... I'm really thankful to this bundle and can't wait to get more." --Viola P.

"I wish that there was an A+ option for how amazing this resource is! ... My intervention students have blossomed with using this resource. It is extremely thorough and guides the students through scaffolded steps to achieve competency. Couldn't ask for a better resource!" --Lindsey D.

Where Do I Start?

The free placement test can assist you in identifying learning gaps and finding the lesson workbooks that address those skills. Download a free placement test HERE.

Each workbook can be used individually as a stand-alone intervention for that skill or they can be used together, taking students from the basics of addition and place value in first grade all the way to dividing fractions in fifth grade.

These materials can also be used with older students to help fill the gaps in their learning. No grade levels are printed on workbook pages.

Who Created These Materials?

Hi! I’m a Special Education (K-12 Mild/Moderate) and Title 1 (Intervention) teacher with 12 years of experience teaching in elementary schools in Wyoming and Idaho.

I’ve taught at data-driven schools with high expectations for achievement. It was a leap of faith for me to abandon the district-purchased math curriculum that was not working for my students and create my own lessons based on what I had learned in my college courses. It paid off, though, as my students started to like math and became confident and willing to do more and more.

My students on IEPs consistently performed well on the standardized math tests with scores comparable to their non-IEP peers. My wonderful paraeducator enjoyed teaching with these workbooks because of the organization, clarity, and predictable routine.

I am happy for the opportunity to share my work with you. I sincerely hope these resources will benefit you and your students.

I love to hear about your experiences teaching with these resources. Please feel free to email me or write a review below!

--Angela Dansie

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Digital Learning & Learning at Home

For students who struggle with math, I recommend teaching new material using paper and pencil rather than a screen if possible. Print a workbook (or a portion of a workbook) for each student to work on at home. These workbooks are step-by-step and easy for parents to use with their children. No teacher manual or scripted lesson plan is needed (also, no logins or software to worry about).

Digital, paperless resources can be helpful when reviewing and practicing previously learned skills. You can find my digital resources HERE on TPT.

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No part of any resource may be uploaded to the internet in any form, including classroom websites or shared drives. I do make an exception in the case of school closures that necessitate distance learning. In that case, you may make the resource available to your students only. Be sure that the method of delivery is password protected.

Copyright by Angela Dansie, All Rights Reserved. Your integrity is essential to copyright protection. Thank you for following these terms of use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Julie O'Keefe

Special Education Math Curriculum | K-5 Bundle | PDF Download

Stephanie Brown
Absolutely perfect for my multi-level classroom!

I teach 5-8 self-contained, multiple disabilities classroom, and this has been a sanitary saver!! Highly recommend!!!!

Carolyn S.
Special Education Math Bundle K-5

This is a great resource that saves planning time and addresses the needs of each of my students. I use this program with students from grades 3rd - 8th grade. Some of my students have learning disabilities, some are on the autism spectrum and some have Down Syndrome. This bundle gives me the flexibility to meet each of their unique learning needs.

Shelly Fulgham
Say yes to Math to Mastery!

Math to Mastery has been a great addition to my resource math classes. The material is easily downloaded. I have used it to help fill in the gaps for my students. Great resource!!!

Sonya Bledsoe
Math to Mastery

My students and I are really enjoying the Special Education Math Curriculum | K-5 Bundle. We started with counting coins and my students love the practice. Thanks to this curriculum, they are becoming proficient at counting coins. We look forward to future lessons.