Homeschool Math For Students with Special Needs

Learning at Home: Math for Struggling Students

Simple step-by-step lesson workbooks designed for students with special needs.


Girl Writing on Step-by-Step Math Workbook for Special Needs

Grades 1-5 & Appropriate For All Ages

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Time-saving math lesson workbooks make it easy to teach clear, sequential lessons with plenty of step-by-step practice. 
  • Each lesson includes model, guided practice, & independent practice
  • No teacher manual is needed
  • Simply print & teach
  • Math lessons are research-based
  • Students master one skill at a time
  • Large print and no visual clutter


Master Foundational Math Skills

  • Number Sense & Place Value
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Multiplication & Division
  • Fractions
  • Time & Money


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About Step-by-Step Math to Mastery

Our students with learning difficulties need the safety of predictable routines that consistently lead to success. They need us to meet them at their level and break material into small chunks. They need many practice opportunities in order to master each skill before moving on to the next.  These math lessons were designed to meet the needs of these students--getting them smoothly from point A to point B, taking small sequential steps along the way.  Their confidence grows with each step and soon they have mastered what once seemed overwhelming.

These materials were created to align with what is taught in general education classrooms and link directly to the standards, yet they are adapted to be explicit, systematic, and chunked into small objectives. Many practice repetitions are needed to master a skill. These workbooks provide that practice in an easy-to-teach format.

Each workbook can be used individually as a stand-alone intervention for that skill or they can be used together, taking students from the basics of addition and place value in first grade all the way to dividing fractions in fifth grade. These materials can also be used with older students to help fill the gaps in their learning. No grade levels are printed on workbook pages and clip art is appropriate for all ages. They have been used successfully with elementary, middle school and high school students.  You can read more about these resources HERE.


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Homeschool Math for Special Needs Students


Buyer Comments

"What a great bundle of material! Having struggled to help a child with learning delays and disabilities for several years I found this to a blessing both for him and for me."  --Bonnie C.

"Clear, well-organized, sequential. Very easy to use." --Ellen B.

"Thorough, research-based, result-based, straight forward and flexible! I wish I had these across all levels and subjects!!!"  --Brenda F.

"My students absolutely love this! They progress through the curriculum without being overwhelmed and all pages contain the perfect amount of white space for them!"  --Cheryl S.

"These pages are clear and concise. Plenty of white space allows my easily distracted students to focus, and scaffolds them just enough to make them feel challenged, yet assured of success."  --Brittnie G.

"I've been searching for something like this for years! I am SO glad I stumbled on it today! Thank you for an amazing resource! Worth every penny!"   --Chrystal S.

"This is EXACTLY what I have been searching for! Sequential, easy for students to understand and room to write! Bless you!!!!"  --Tracey M.

"The practicality of these units is off the charts!!! They make math time so much easier for me to plan!!"  –-Janelle M.

"I was a bit skeptical about spending this much on an item so I purchased one of the smaller units and was blown away by how amazing this product is. Here I am less than a week later back to buy the full kit. Thank you for all of the work that you put into this product!"  --Cary W.

"Angela's math resources are perfect for my multi-level special education class. They provide straight-forward simple directions and visually UNcluttered pages. Our regular education math curriculum is confusing and visually overstimulating. My students have made great progress using your math units! Thank you!!! I wish there were a higher rating." --Amy C. 

"I am using several of these units with a couple of students who experienced prenatal alcohol and drug exposure . . . I have seen the students I purchased this for go from being completely overwhelmed and shut down in math to being excited to show me their progress each day. I cannot recommend these highly enough!" --Melissa H. 

"My 4th and 5th grader students with learning disabilities are finally feeling successful in math! Your math interventions have been a lifesaver for my students, their gen ed teachers, and me! No more spending hours trying to find work that meets their needs and aligns to what is happening in the classroom."--Kimberly D.