Addition & Subtraction: Fact Families, Missing Addends, Make Ten to Add

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Addition & Subtraction Fact Families, Missing Addends, Making Ten to Add Lesson Workbook


46 Step-by-Step Math Lessons  | Special Education Math Intervention | First Grade Math Level


This Addition & Subtraction Fact Families, Missing Addends, & Making Ten to Add lesson workbook includes an example IEP goal, 46 step-by-step math lessons, reviews and assessments. This evidence-based math intervention is tied to first grade standards and is great for special education math goals and tier 2 small group math interventions (RTI).

Fact Families

In this section, students see the relationship between addition and subtraction.  In the simplest terms, they learn that you add to find the “whole” total and subtract to get the smaller “parts” in a fact family.  In part 1, the related facts lessons ask students to change an addition equation into a related subtraction equation and vice versa.  In part 2, the fact families lessons ask students to write all four equations in a family.  They also learn to solve for unknowns by either adding or subtracting.


Missing Addends

These lessons include two different ways to teach students how to solve for missing addends, the counting up method and the subtraction method.  Choose the one that best suits your students’ needs.  All problems have sums within 10.


Making Ten to Add

These lessons are divided into two parts.  Part 1 teaches students the number pairs (ten friends) that add to make ten.  They use these pairs to complete fact families and missing addend problems.

Part 2 begins with practice adding ten to single-digit numbers, reminding students that it is easy to add when one of the addends is ten.  Then they use ten frames to show how they make ten before adding.  There is a short review and test for each part.  Ten frames are provided for each “make ten before adding” problem, so even students who cannot decompose numbers mentally can use this strategy. 


Missing Signs

In these lessons, students learn to make an equation true by supplying a missing sign.  Problems involve numbers within 20.


These sequential lessons are easy to teach, with enough material for 12 weeks of instruction!

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This Lesson Workbook PDF Download Includes:

46 Lessons
6 Reviews
6 Tests

186 Pages

12 Weeks of Instruction


Students Will Be Able To:

Fact Families

  • Identify related facts
  • Given an addition equation, write a related subtraction fact
  • Given a subtraction equation, write a related addition fact
  • Identify the 3 numbers in a fact family
  • Given 3 numbers, write 4 equations in a fact family
  • Given an equation, write the other 3 facts in the family
  • Find the unknown number in a fact family

Missing Addends

Objectives for the Counting Up Method: 

  • Determine whether groups are equal
  • Make groups on both sides of an equal sign equal
  • Make both sides of an equation equal (unknown in all positions)

Objectives for the Subtraction Method: 

  • Turn an addition fact into a related subtraction fact
  • Turn a missing addend problem into a subtraction problem
  • Subtract single-digit numbers to find a “part”
  • Solve missing addend word problems

Making Ten

  • Show the different ways to make ten by adding numbers 0-10
  • Complete fact family and missing addend problems with sums of 10
  • Identify the number pairs that make ten when added
  • Add 10 + single-digit numbers
  • Make ten before adding three addends
  • Make ten (using ten frames) before adding (sums between 10 and 20)

Missing Signs

  • Fill in a missing + or - sign to make an equation true
  • Fill in a missing < > or = sign to make an equation true


Teacher Feedback:

❤️ "I am using several of these units with a couple of students who experienced prenatal alcohol and drug exposure and am using some on an as-needed basis with other students as well. I have seen the main students I purchased this for go from being completely overwhelmed and shut down in math to being excited to show me their progress each day. I cannot recommend these highly enough!" -Melissa H.


❤️ "As a special education teacher I have found all of the math resources I've used from this seller to be outstanding. I have been a sped teacher for 15 years, and have struggled with finding the best way to break down math into step by step, easy to follow and understand lessons. I found these math resources and they all provide example IEP goals, guided practice and independent work, anchor charts, visuals, and explicit, sequential, & structured lessons for my students. I appreciate the time and effort put into these products, and the fair prices! Thank you!" -Amber M.


❤️ "I liked that the process of writing related facts was simplified for students. It gives them steps to follow when they get lost. Also, it would be great to send home for parents to help their child with this pages. The students enjoy it because they can make sense of math." -Jennifer S.


❤️ "Easy to use and engaging resource that gives students multiple opportunities to practice a concept." -Jessica S.


❤️ "Great resource with not too much on the pages. Perfect for my special education students." -Growing Special Minds


Missing Addends:

❤️ "My students are so excited to be successful with a skill that was previously confusing! We love Angela Dansie Math! Predictable task structure and plenty of repetition make everyone happy about doing Math." -Cynthia H.


❤️ "These resources are amazing. I am teaching this concept to middle school special education students. This is allowing me to scaffold the process of this concept for them." -Patience S.


❤️ "My students are making progress with identifying the missing number in equations because of these activities." -Jennifer Y.


❤️ "I love all of your bundles. They make doing math a breeze with my kiddos. It used to take me hours to prep and think of what to do - because I have four different levels in my classroom. Now I just follow your curriculum for each different level." -Marci G.


Lessons Are Tied to These Standards:

First Grade  CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.B.3 

Apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract. (commutative property of addition)

First Grade  CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.B.4 

Understand subtraction as an unknown-addend problem. For example, subtract 10 - 8 by finding the number that makes 10 when added to 8.


Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.  Use strategies such as counting on; making ten; decomposing a number leading to a ten; using the relationship between addition and subtraction; and creating equivalent but easier or known sums. 

First Grade  CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.D.7 

Understand the meaning of the equal sign, and determine if equations involving addition and subtraction are true or false.


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  • Can also be used with older students (middle & high school) to help fill the gaps in their learning.


About the Author

Hi! I am a Special Education & Title 1 teacher interested in task analysis. My resources break tasks into small and explicit steps, reducing cognitive load for learners so they can feel successful and confident rather than overwhelmed and reluctant to try. I strive to lighten the workload of teachers by making resources as practical and easy-to-use as possible. I sincerely hope my work can benefit you and your students.

I appreciate your support and feedback.


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Nikki Knight
Math to Mastery Books

I have been using Math to Mastery Books for my Special Education Resource classes for a few years now. I absolutely love them!! They are great for reinforcing skills and concepts that students are missing with many, many practice pages. They also save me a huge amount of time making it easier to write lesson plans and focused SMART IEP goals.