Progress Monitor Assessments 2nd Grade Math Step-by-Step Math to Mastery

Progress Monitor Math Assessments for Special Education - Second Grade

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Download the PREVIEW here to get a look inside.

This library of progress monitor math assessments makes collecting data on IEP goals simple.

And once you have the data, you’ll save tons of time writing progress reports using the template statement for each skill!

You can use these assessments with any math curriculum

They are appropriate for special education students of any age.

With a full answer key and clear record sheet, they are easy for paraeducators to administer and score.

Students can help track their own data by filling in a graph and setting a goal for “next time”.

Multiple assessments per skill give you flexibility—need probes for 3 trials? 5?  You’re covered. 


Short 1-page probes can be used for:

  • Data collection for IEP goals and objectives
  • Data collection for RTI (Response to Intervention)
  • Review and spaced practice
  • Math portfolios
  • Homework
  • Or combine them to make longer assessments


What you don’t use for progress monitoring can be used for spaced review.  Unlike spiral review sheets, you can target one skill at a time—focus only on what you choose.


Second grade assessments cover counting, number sense, place value, addition, subtraction, word problems, reading and writing fractions, money and time.


Yes! This includes a bank of word problems.  48 word problems to be exact.  Each has two versions: One with visual supports and steps, and one without.


In this PDF download, you’ll get 416 pages of assessments, record sheets and answer keys. 

There’s no software, no subscriptions, just a simple tool for collecting data year after year in your classroom.


These 25+ skills were chosen because they are fundamental math skills that are found across Common Core State Standards, TEKS, and Florida’s BEST. 


This 2nd Grade Math Progress Monitor Resource Includes:

  • 160+ skills
  • 5 forms per skill
  • 1 record sheet per skill
  • 1 progress report statement template per skill
  • 300 word problems (12 per problem type)
  • 3 graph options


Find out if this is a good fit for your classroom--Download the preview for a complete list of every skill organized by grade level.

Customer Reviews

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I have needed this for the past 16 years!

This is exactly what I needed for my Autism Program Classroom. I have actually used the 2nd grade and 3rd grade with my students. I test them all and then teach to the gaps. Everything is simple and easy to follow. My students engage and are not overwhelmed with information or unnecessary graphics. I am seeing so much growth in my students. I wish I had found this sooner. I cannot say enough good things about this program.