Math Placement Test for Special Education

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Hi! Here's a quick orientation to the placement test.

Have you downloaded the free placement test? Get it here.


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Hi, This is Angela.  I’m the author of Step-by-Step Math to Mastery resources.

I’d like to give you a quick orientation to the placement test.

When you download the placement test it looks like this.

The table of contents is internally linked. You can click on the page number to be taken directly to that page.

The test is divided into 6 sections, by grade level. Each section has it’s own record sheet.

There's a full answer key at the end, showing the work.

It isn’t necessary to give the whole test.  You’ll want to look over the problems and find a starting point where your student will be confident.

I suggest you give only one page at a time to avoid overwhelm.  

You’ll notice there aren’t any word problems on the placement test, but number sense and computation are covered. And word problems are taught in the workbook lessons.

Each record sheet has the answers for easy checking.

If a student makes an error, mark the checkbox next to that problem.

If more than one error is made on a problem type, you may want to find the workbook that teaches that skill and start instruction at the beginning of that workbook.

For example, if a student makes more than 1 error on addition with regrouping in level 2, you can click on the image to go to the 2nd grade resources on my site or head to page 4 and look at the complete list of resources.

You would see "Addition with Regrouping" is a workbook found in the 2nd grade bundle.

If you don’t need all the resources for that grade level, you can get just one workbook at a time.

So that’s it.  I hope you find this useful in identifying gaps in your student’s learning and figuring out which math skills to target first.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Thanks for watching!

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