Number Sense & Place Value Daily Practice Workbook (to 120)

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Numbers to 120: Count, Write & Compare Numbers, Place Value, Expanded Form, 10 More 10 Less


Daily Number Sense Practice Workbook | Special Education Math Intervention | First Grade Math Level


This Place Value and Number Sense to 120 workbook includes an example IEP goal and carefully sequenced daily practice pages and review for the entire year. Better than worksheets, this evidence-based math intervention is tied to first grade standards and is great for special education math goals and tier 2 small group math interventions (RTI).


Perfect for a quick warm-up routine at the beginning of each math lesson: These sequential practice and review pages slowly progress from 0 to 120, giving students lots of repetition along the way.  Once they are familiar with the format, this becomes an opening routine that my students can sit down and start on independently when they arrive for math group.  When a new skill appears, I model for a few days and we do that part together before they finish the rest on their own. You can also get daily practice for numbers from 120 to 999 HERE

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This PDF Download Includes:

154 Practice pages
50 Review pages
13 Challenge pages
Skip Counting Visuals
Guess My Number Prompts


These carefully sequenced sheets provide daily practice opportunities for:

      ✓ Counting (rote, ten frames, base ten blocks)

      ✓ Number recognition

      ✓ Writing numbers

      ✓ Inequalities (< less than, > greater than)

      ✓ Place Value

      ✓ Expanded form

      ✓ Ten more/less

      ✓ One more/less


Students will be able to:

  • Rote Count from 0 to 120 
  • Count Up Starting at Any Number 
  • Count Objects and Write the Corresponding Number (ten frames & base ten) 
  • Read Printed Numbers in Random Order 
  • Write Dictated Numbers in Random Order 
  • Quick Draw to Represent a Number (ten frames or base ten blocks) 
  • Compare numbers using < and > 
  • Find ten more, ten less, one more, and one less than a number on a hundred chart 


Tied to These First Grade Math Standards:

  • Count to 120, starting at any number less than 120. In this range, read and write numerals and represent a number of objects with a written numeral. (CCSS 1.NBT.A.1)
  • Understand that the two digits of a two-digit number represent amounts of tens and ones. (CCSS 1.NBT.B.2)
  • Compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, and <. (CCSS 1.NBT.B.3)
  • Given a two-digit number, mentally find 10 more or 10 less than the number, without having to count; explain the reasoning used. (CCSS 1.NBT.C.5)


Tested by over 1500 teachers!


Teacher Feedback:

❤️ “This purchase is LIFE CHANGING. My students are confident and understanding of these concepts in a simple and direct way. I am so grateful for all of these resources because they truly are made for special thinkers. Beyond grateful.” -The Multi Sensory Teacher


❤️ “This resource was a tremendous help for intervention with students struggling with place value (specifically expanded form) and ten more/less.” -Andrea D.


❤️ “This is an amazing resource! I am so thankful I found it! I love that it includes IEP goal ideas and breaks instruction down into steps that kiddos can have success with! I've never found anything like it in my 15 years as a special education teacher.” -Amber M.


❤️ “I absolutely love this resource! I teach special education and I use it every day to start my math intervention group. The students love it and are feeling successful. I love this resource so much I ended up getting the entire program!” -Jacqueline R.


❤️ “I use this resource every day as a math warm up. It has been invaluable for reteaching and reviewing place value daily.” -Jenneane C.


❤️ “Love the structured practice for students who are struggling with basic first grade skills. This really helped fill gaps for a couple of my lowest students in number sense!” -Claire W.


❤️ “The progression of this workbook allows the students plenty of opportunities to strengthen their foundational skills before moving on to the next skill. Well done!” -Juliet B.


❤️ “I am using this resource with a struggling 2nd grade student. The repetition is great. She gets used to what she is supposed to do in each page, and the numbers she works with gradually increase. She seems to be gaining confidence as a mathematician. Recommend!” -The Learner Centered Classroom


❤️ “Great resource! Perfect for my students who struggles with number concepts! They are now able to connect the number to meaning behind the number.” -Wendy R.


❤️ “What a wonderful, thought out and easy to use curriculum! I appreciate that everything you need is on the student sheet and there is not a lot of prep involved. Using in Resource Room with multiple levels and lessons going at the same time, this makes teaching math so much easier!” -Filling in the Pieces


❤️ “My students and I love using these during our intervention block. It is a major time and life saver.”


❤️ "This has been SO helpful in helping my struggling upper elementary students with basic number sense and place value concepts. They get the regular practice they need, and once they've been taught the different routines, they feel confident in their work!" -Kimberly D.


❤️ "My 4th and 5th-grade special education students have really benefited from this unit. They haven't yet grasped place-value and after starting to use this product, they begged daily to keep working! They feel very confident now and their skills are generalizing. Finally! Thank you!!" -Lindsy


❤️ "This is EXACTLY what I have been searching for! Sequential, easy for students to understand and room to write! Bless you!!!!" -Tracey M.


❤️ "Amazing!! My special education students who struggle with basic number sense are loving this. It helps build those basic foundational skills!! It's a great warm up and independent practice activity." -Denise G.


❤️ "So great to have so much practice in one resource!" -Jaina H.


❤️ "This packet is very helpful for teaching and reviewing number sense concepts! I like how each lesson builds on the previous lesson." -Jennifer K.


❤️ "I have spent so much time trying to teach place value, base ten block representation, and expanded notation. One week of whole group practice and my students are grasping this concept independently. Thanks!" -Jessica P.



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Not sure where to start?

✏️ Download a free placement test.


Watch a video overview of Step-by-Step Math to Mastery or read the transcript here.


Reasons You'll Love Step-by-Step Math to Mastery™ Resources

  • Boosts student confidence and progress
  • Lightens teacher workload
  • Time-saving: print and teach
  • Easy prep: only black ink is needed
  • Easy to teach, paraeducator-friendly
  • Example IEP goals and shorter term objectives
  • Consistent & predictable format
  • Lots of practice repetitions
  • Scaffolded with structured workspaces
  • Fewer problems on a page, white space, minimal visual clutter
  • Tied to standards
  • Explicit/Direct instruction
  • Systematic & sequential
  • Mastery approach--teaching one topic at a time, one strategy at a time
  • Lessons have "I Can" statements, model problems, guided practice, & independent practice
  • Each workbook can be used individually as a stand-alone intervention for that skill or they can be used together, taking students from the basics of number sense and addition in first grade all the way to dividing fractions and decimals in fifth grade.
  • Can also be used with older students (middle & high school) to help fill the gaps in their learning.


About the Author

Hi! I am a Special Education & Title 1 teacher interested in task analysis. My resources break tasks into small and explicit steps, reducing cognitive load for learners so they can feel successful and confident rather than overwhelmed and reluctant to try. I strive to lighten the workload of teachers by making resources as practical and easy-to-use as possible. I sincerely hope my work can benefit you and your students.

I appreciate your support and feedback.


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